Book a private 1:1 session for vibrational + sound healing reset.

Perfect for an intimate and tailored experience, in the quiet oasis of our 1800's cottage.


A private sound healing session is a powerful and transformative experience, utilizing various tools and techniques to enhance relaxation, balance energy, and promote overall well-being. Incorporating elements such as voice, guided meditation, and sound therapy instruments like the shruti box, crystal bowls, rattles, tuning forks, gong, mbira (kalimba), and Koshi chimes can create a deeply immersive and therapeutic environment.

The practitioner may use their voice to provide soothing guidance and affirmations, helping you to release tension and connect with your inner self. Guided meditation can further deepen the relaxation process, allowing you to quiet the mind and focus on healing intentions. The gentle sounds produced by instruments like the shruti box, crystal bowls, and rattles can help to clear energy blockages and promote a sense of harmony within the body.

Additionally, the use of tuning forks, gongs, mbira (kalimba), and Koshi chimes can introduce specific frequencies and vibrations that resonate with different energy centers in the body, supporting balance and alignment. Each of these tools brings a unique quality to the healing session, working together to create a holistic and nurturing experience for mind, body, and spirit.


phone -free

No, you can't use your phone here.

Once entering, phones must be switched OFF. Our House concierge will help you secure your switched OFF phone in a locked pouch, which you'll have possession of during your visit.

We recommend removing smart watches to give yourself the gift of being truly unplugged. Otherwise, smart watch notifications must be switched OFF.

Non-phone cameras are allowed for your group after the meditation.

The House has a phone for emergencies. In addition, if you need to step outside to use your phone in an emergency, the House concierge can assist you with temporarily unlocking your phone.


Prior to a healing treatment, loose, comfortable clothing is preferred. Large jewelry should be removed. You'll be fully clothed your entire visit.


Though the House is quite old, our main space and restroom are accessible. Chairs are available in lieu of lying on a table. For guests with questions or special access requirements, please contact us at ahead of your visit.

we are not a spa or gym

We do not offer spa or massage services, beauty treatments, therapies, showers, saunas, or lockers.

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