at-home wellness

Multifamily Tenants want Peace...Not Another Happy Hour

Hosted at your property, we transform unused amenity spaces into sanctuaries of wellbeing for your residential community.

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how it works

We partner with real estate developers, landlords, + amenity companies to host wellbeing gatherings, services and events.


group wellness GATHERINGS

Designed to engage your community by offering meditation and self-care practices, group gatherings take place at a property in a shared amenity lounge, or outdoor space.



From home energy clearings to astrology chart readings, you can now offer in-home + in-building private wellness sessions exclusively for your residents.



We're a hospitality company founded on intention and connection. Through our human concierge, we're available to help your community with bookings, questions, and details.

group rituals

self-care sessions

Unwanted emotions like stress get trapped in the body. When we learn to move in specific ways combined with intention setting, these energies can release.

sound baths

Frequencies and tones are played live on instruments while individuals meditate. This resets the nervous system and changes brainwaves to Theta achieving deep rest.

Discussions + talks

From astrology to nutrition, wellbeing talks are lively discussions that educate and inspire.


curated wellbeing gatherings

People are burned out and need an opportunity to reset. Rituals are designed to reset the nervous system and give real tools to help individuals thrive. Through our platform, we're able to curate programming that keeps residents interested + looking forward to their wellbeing.

WE TRANSFORM amenity spaces

We integrate directly into existing communities, no renovations required. We’re real-estate + design minded, and know how to create a memorable vibe, transforming your property into a sanctuary of wellbeing. We understand the luxury multi-family market and what your residents are seeking.

the overlooked amenity

Research suggests that people are lonelier than ever and craving the opportunity to connect with like-minded people. Shared experiences allow new connections to develop, strengthening the relationship-building with any community.

Community-driven events

Our Practitioners are uniquely qualified, certified, and trained to put community first, helping residents to meet new friends and share new moments with their community.

become known for wellness

Leverage our partnership to show residents you're serious about their wellbeing. We'll bring the crystals and calm vibes. You do nothing.

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We currently offer wellbeing services for luxury residential properties in New York City + Washington DC. Contact us below for pricing and to learn more about booking a Ritual. We are grateful.

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