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We're a meditation + wellness space and clubhouse—hidden in Manhattan.

Join us for our daily signature sound meditation to find inner peace, reset your nervous system, and connect with like-minded souls.

⚑ Our flagship house is located at 112 West 17th Street in Chelsea/Flatiron.


OUR purpose

Official Ritual is a space that fosters community through shared wellbeing experiences, with daily sessions created to reset your nervous system + align your spirit.


Sessions at Official Ritual combine modern methods backed by scientific research from the NIH with ancient instruments and healing techniques.

Dropping-in to a session is the easiest way to meditate and reset, requiring minimal effort and no experience.



House Rituals are daily, regularly scheduled sessions that reset the nervous system, led by our house practitioner team.



Workshops are special gatherings, themed with a specific focus for a deeper release. We host 2-3 unique workshops per week with visiting and guest practitioners.

official method

gong icon

Frequencies, tones, and vibrations are experienced live from instruments like gongs, singing bowls, and tuning forks. This resets the nervous system, promoting brainwaves to Theta, helping you reach NSDR or non-sleep deep rest.

icon of stones

The House has become a hub for grounded conversation, healing, and wonderful people. Find your calm at The House and connect with new friends in an introvert-friendly group setting, free of phones and city distractions.

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tea, after

A casual + curated tea experience is paired post Ritual for a well-rounded reset, helping you to ground before heading back to your day. Our teas are rotating, selected and supplied by our friend + neighbor, industry tea expert Sebastian Beckwith.

session flow


Arrive 10-15 minutes early to properly disconnect from the city and set a clear intention.

Dress for comfort. Your shoes will be off.


You'll be welcomed into The House by our concierge. They'll help secure your phone for an undisturbed experience.

Wander our space and find an open mat to lay on. Get comfortable.


Your practitioner will lead a guided meditation as you listen to live instruments, dropping into deeper relaxation.

Your nervous system will reset. You might doze off, but that's ok.


You'll awake feeling blissed-out and completely reset, floating.

For the rest of the day, be gentle and kind to yourself. Drink water.

Walk out feeling lighter, refreshed, + reset.

our home

Tucked away from sight off of 17th street, our space is a wood-sided cottage from the mid 1800s.

Our house isn't just a charming space - it's a reflection of who we are - grounded and down to earth - completely separated from the chaos of the city behind you.

To experience The House is truly special, away from the noise in a space charged with Reiki energy, surrounded by attuned instruments, and guided by our community of old soul healers and guides.

house practitioners

INFO + policies

book ONLINE, in advance

We cannot guarantee space for walk-ins.
Last minute decision? No problem - you can still check availability + sign up online right before a session.


We're located at 112 West 17th Street in Chelsea, Manhattan. Our space is tucked away and easy to miss. Look for black gate marked "The House" on the downtown side of 17th street, directly across from West Elm. After booking, you'll get an email and text with detailed instructions.

Our space is open only to registered individuals, and not walk-ins.


While comfort is key, you can arrive exactly as you are - from work or before your evening plans. There is no need to wear anything special. We are a shoeless space so please plan accordingly. Socks or barefeet are your preference.

arrive early

We recommend you arrive 10-15 minutes before the start time of your session to get settled.


No, you can't use your phone here.

We'll help you secure your phone in a signal blocking locked pouch, which you'll keep possession of during your visit.

No phones, photos, video, or content creation is allowed in our space. This rule is in place to not disturb the experience of others.

Unlike other wellness spaces, you will never be filmed, photographed, or recorded (by the practitioner or other content creating attendees) during your journey of meditation and release - assuring your complete privacy during any vulnerable states.

The exception to this rule is for private bookings and special events where personal photos may be taken together as a group after any meditation or deep practice.

Personal Items

Personal items (including your locked phone) can remain with you during your visit. Shoes are not permitted in the main room.
We do not have lockers.

Tea, after

After the Ritual, you're invited to tea in the kitchen while you ground, come back to your body, and chat with new friends. Our teas are rotating, selected and supplied by our friend + neighbor, industry tea expert Sebastian Beckwith.


All individuals must be over the age of 18, unless accompanied by a parent or adult. Breathwork is suitable only for adults over 18. Sound baths are suitable for children over the age of 13.

Cancellation, no-show, + late policy

We're a local business with an intimate space.

House Rituals have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Workshops, Trainings, + Special events differ.

To not disturb others mid-meditation, arrivals more than 5 minutes late will not be admitted inside The House.

Arrivals more than 5 minutes late will be considered a no-show and lose their credit.

If you need to late cancel, kindly let us know so we can take someone off the waitlist.

we are not a spa, gym, or yoga studio

We do not offer spa services, beauty treatments, therapies, showers, cold plunges, saunas, or lockers.

Sessions may occasionally include light movement at the discretion of the practitioner. All fitness levels and body types are welcome.


If you join the waitlist you'll be automatically added should someone drop 12 hours before the session. If space becomes available within 12 hours of the session, you'll get a text to confirm you still want the spot. After confirming with us, we'll book you in and your card on file will be charged.


Though The House is quite old, our main space and restroom are wheelchair accessible. Chairs are available in lieu of floor mats for a seated meditation. Earplugs are available for those with tinnitus. For guests with questions or special access requirements, please contact us at house@officialritual.com or 212-933-0825 ahead of your visit.


We are a space for healing + community.

We believe that everyone deserves to reset + reconnect regardless of background, identity, ideals, expression, or perspective. The challenging work of being human is to see the light of good in our neighbors despite external differences.

upcoming SOUND trainings

Join us for an upcoming sound training at our house in NYC.

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