Amrit Guillin






Reiki Healing

House Practitioner

New York

Amrit (they/them), is an international non-binary Yogi, Healer, and artist for over a decade. They completed their studies at the University of Nice (France) with a degree in dance, somatic techniques and pedagogy. Amrit build their artistic career as a dancer while expanding their knowledge in spirituality. After taking time to reflect, travel, develop, and deepen their healing and yogic practices, Amrit arrived in New York in 2017.

Having completed their studies at Kundalini University under the mentorship of Guru Singh and Brett Larkin, Amrit leads locally and internationally, Kundalini yoga, Pranayama, meditation, somatic classes and workshop, Reiki healing circles, and monthly Cacao and Reiki circles. Certified in the Reiki Usui System, Amrit incorporates Rainbow Reiki, myofascial release, lithotherapy, Aura Soma, Pomanders, quintessences, and sacred geometry into their treatments. They are currently undergoing trainings in Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy, Gong and sound Meditation.

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