Aryuna Merdygeeva


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New York

Aryuna is a Venture Capitalist, Startup Advisor and a certified coach/thetahealer. She was a coach at the Landmark Team, Management, and Leadership Program, and also has clients who want to grow business or start a new career. Aryuna was born and raised in Siberia, and moved to Moscow when she was 16 and got accepted by the top Financial University in Russia. Aryuna built a career in corporate finance (managed 35 departments all over the country), but then decided to move to the US in 2015. At that time, she did not speak English and that year was quite challenging for her. Yet, she worked hard and built a career in enterprise sales where she managed international team and worked with clients across the US, Europe, and Asia. After that, Aryuna decided to give back to the community and help immigrants find high qualified jobs. She joined a NY Accelerator to build a startup, but it turned out she had to have more experience. Later, Aryuna became a Director at a Venture fund. After that, she she joined a venture-backed company as a Co-founder. She led fundraising and GTM strategies and product development. In 2022, Aryuna switched back to Venture Capital and started advising/consulting companies. Her true passion is coaching and giving back to the community. Along the way, she was trained at multiple workshops on personal development.

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