Sunday Scaries? Shift your perspective on your most challenging obstacle.


Sunday, February 25, 2024

start TIME

4:30 PM


90 Minutes


The House - 112 W 17th St NYC

guided by

Mona Patel

David Pilk


Life Coaching


Sound Healing



what happens

Join Mona Patel to conquer the Sunday Scares with REFRAME + RESET, a unique journey curated to redefine the potential of your upcoming week with clarity, purpose, and high vibrations.

Mona, a renowned expert in mindset transformation, author of a bestselling book on reframing techniques, and a trusted advisor to entrepreneurs and leaders worldwide, has designed this session to offer you a new perspective on the week ahead. With a streamlined approach that combines an immersive sound journey and proven reframing techniques, you are invited to discover a week filled with opportunity, growth, and achievement.


1. Shift Your Perspective: Transform challenges into opportunities, viewing your week ahead through a lens of potential rather than obstacles, with guidance from Mona.

2. Elevate Your Vibration: Raise your energy level to align with your highest aspirations, attracting positive outcomes with ease.

3. Enhanced Clarity and Focus: Begin your week with a clear mind and focused intention, empowered by proven strategies for success.

4. Emotional and Mental Reset: Release the mental and emotional blocks that hold you back, stepping into the week with confidence and resilience.


1. Opening Meditation: Start with an immersive journey to bring your awareness to the present, easing anxiety and clearing the path for positive transformation.

2. Reframe: Share the aspects of your upcoming week that might be causing hesitation, or outline a goal where obstacles are anticipated. Through guided dialogue and reflection, we’ll employ Mona Patel's proven reframing techniques to shift these viewpoints, fostering a mindset geared for success.

3. Visualization and High Vibration Journey: Conclude with a powerful sound journey designed to elevate your vibration, enabling you to visualize achieving your goal. This combined journey not only helps in visualizing the success but also in feeling the joy, accomplishment, and fulfillment, solidifying the positive outcomes in your mind and spirit.

4.Tea + Sharing

what's included

A Big Shift for You / Post Ritual Tea


Bring Your Biggest Obstacle / Be Ready for a Major Shift


Arrive Early. To not disturb others mid-meditation, arrivals more than 5 minutes late will not be admitted inside The House. Arrivals more than 5 minutes late will be considered a no-show. Cancel before 48 hours of your Ritual for a full refund.


Mona Patel

Mona Patel

Mona Patel is an expert in helping people reframe the way they think by understanding and empathizing with other people’s points of view. For over 23 years, Mona's worked with brands like Nike, Facebook, Capital One, First Republic Bank and Pfizer. She teaches organizations how to listen for what people really want. She has started and built a series of 7-figure companies, is a published author, award winning researcher, and keynote speaker. Her latest company, Gray Zones, produces online immersive experiences to inspire leaders to have more empathy, awareness and understanding for different points of view.

David Pilk

David Pilk

David became a Reiki Master at age 16 and practices with a variety of healing grid energies. A clairvoyant and medium, he is able to see, sense, and understand energy, and loves using Reiki and sound to change the energy field and heal others. An emerging sound practitioner in NYC, David trained with the legendary Grand Gong Master, Don Conreaux, and works with planetary gongs tuned for relief from depression and grief. David's touch is gentle as he sets a secure container to release negative energies to help others move connect back to their source and move forward with strength.


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