Matthew Powell


Sound Healing


House Practitioner

New York

Matthew is a holistic sound meditation and Reiki II practitioner and intuitive soul guide. Originally introduced to sound as a healing modality as part of a Kundalini retreat in 2016, they were deeply impacted by the experience enough to pursue its practice as a calling. He is guided by a focus that uses resonant sound tools, voice, aromatherapy and breath—and the practice of deeper listening—to help to move stuck energy, embrace non-duality, promote relaxation, challenge harmful intrusive thoughts and habitual patterns, and lean into the idea that our capacity to hurt is almost always eclipsed by our ability to heal; releasing the noise and embracing energy that can then be transformed into joy, clarity, manifestation and even thriving.

Honored to have trained in holistic resonance with Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux and Gong Master Rev. Laksmi Scalise in NYC. And grateful to have spent three decades learning from the countless known and unknown spiritual teachers in circles, ceremonies, rooms and rituals on both coasts.

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